The Imposter's Society : Art Journaling Class

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The Imposter's Society : Art Journaling Class


This art journaling class will be a hybrid online + in-person art making adventure.

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Class includes:

  • the actual Moleskinejournal that will be used in this class {which will be mailed directly to you}

  • six weeks of in-depth online instruction about the process and play of art journaling

    • each weekly “lesson” will include

      • writing prompts to help you do the work that art journaling best tackles

      • a specific art technique and a detailed “how-to”via photos or video

      • encouragement and accountability {I know that I do my best work when others are telling me to not quit}

  • a small supportive creative community of women who are on the same creative as you

  • use of my entire horde… I mean library… of art making supplies during the in-person art making meetups

  • a resource list of the dozen most important materials to get you started on you art journaling adventure

  • a bonus download full of some of the most influential creative resources that I have gathered in the last half dozen years

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