The Imposter’s Society

{An online and in-person workshop exploring the process and play and community of art journaling}

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What this class is:

A six week long session that will combine the learning and doing of art journaling in both a physical and online space

Why art journal?

I discovered the magic of journaling when I received my first diary from a favorite teacher in seventh grade. In lots of ways I am the same insecure girl simultaneously full of doubts and dreams.

Over the past twenty years my journaling has become a treasured tool that allows me to focus my creativity, which, more often than not, leads to work bigger than what fits inside a book.

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That time I should have journaled and but didn’t:

Five years ago this holiday season my dear husband gifted me sessions with a creative mentor. During my six months working with her, I gained confidence and learned more about myself. The only downside to working with her is that the process she took me through involved lots of digging into memories. Memories that, once drug up, would re-play over and over inconvently throughout my day.

And I ran from it. I told my mentor and friend, “This is too hard.”
That is when I should have journaled. When I should have written it out. Looked at it straight in the face and said, “you don’t have power over me.” Gotten it out of my system and kept going.

Know that feeling? This class is for you.

Wait. Don’t you work on canvas? Why this sudden change to art journaling?

Art journaling is a super approachable way to make art. Once the pressure of making “real art” is taken away you free yourself to have fun which is where, in my opinion, the most beautiful art is made.

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Who this class is for:

  • someone who is willing to get messy (both with her hands and her brain)

  • someone wanting to connect with other creative souls

  • someone who doesn’t consider herself “a real artist” but wants to play with this technique

  • someone who does consider herself “a real artist” and is wanting to stretch outside her normal boundaries

  • someone who is wanting to make time and space for herself

Who this class is not for:

  • someone looking to make “perfect art”

  • someone who is scared to make mistakes {mistakes are half the fun!}

  • someone who doesn’t live in NWA
    {though LOTS of this class is happening online the magic is in the mix of the personal journaling and the in-person art making}

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How this class will be structured:

A combination of self paced online instruction with physical in-person art making meetups.

I know that everyone’s schedule is silly. My hope is that the online aspect of this class introduces and explains the art making in such a way that the physical meetups are a bonus that you look forward to, not just another obligation. The online parts will come via email {at least} once weekly for the six weeks of the class, they will lead you to a password protected area of my site which you will be able to access *forever. Forever meaning as long as this website is up and running :)

The in-person art-making meetups will happen on
Tuesday evening from 5:30 - 8
January 22, January 29, February 5, and February 12
at Hark and Herald in Downtown Rogers
120 W Walnut St, Rogers, AR 72756

What can I expect?

This class includes:

  • the actual journal that will be used in this class {which will be mailed directly to you}

  • six weeks of in-depth online instruction about the process and play of art journaling

    • each weekly “lesson” will include

      • writing prompts to help you do the work that art journaling best tackles

      • a specific art technique and a detailed “how-to”via photos or video

      • encouragement and accountability {I know that I do my best work when others are telling me to not quit}

  • a small supportive creative community of women who are on the same creative as you

  • use of my entire horde… I mean library… of art making supplies during the in-person art making meetups

  • a resource list of the dozen most important materials to get you started on you art journaling adventure

  • a bonus download full of some of the most influential creative resources that I have gathered in the last half dozen years

Are you ready?

Similar online classes go for over $400.
Add the in-person art making meetups and the art journal that is going to land in your mailbox mid-January and it would make sense to make this a $600 offering.

However, “making sense” isn’t really how I do life.

I’m offering a starter art journal, six weeks of instruction, four weeks of in person art-making {with almost unlimited supplies!}, and permission to make loads of beautiful messes for only $120.

Participating in Winter 2019?

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