Note to Self : Your Friends are Smart. Listen to Them

The thing about friends

is they believe in you so when you tell them something awesome they are like, "Of course you are."


This exact thing happened when I shared with my friends that I had gotten my first illustration assignment. They were excited for me but there were no exclamation points. No expletives of celebration. No "That's amazing!" or "No way! I don't believe it!"

Just calm happiness.  

Confidently assured.  

"Of course you are. Congratulations." 

They knew I was capable of this thing all along, even if I wasn't sure of anything myself. 

Which brings me to the question:

What else do these people know? What else do I need to approach with the same confidence of my friends? 

The answer, I'm learning is: Lots.  

So starting today, I'm going to do my best to start listening to the smart people with whom I choose to surround myself.