Note to Self : Remember to Be Grateful + Minted Holiday Cards

This is a shot of my inspiration wall.


On it, you will find

  • the hat I wore to Texas Bowl where Arkansas decisively beat Texas at the Texas Bowl in Houston, where I was the passenger in a car for 10 hours one way while 6 months pregnant. Woo pig.
  • art from my friends Emily Jeffords and MJ of Good in Store.
  • my 2016 vision board I made with my friend Terra. Two weeks after I pasted those scissors onto that canvas I cut all my hair off.
  • the business cards of the wonderful Memphis-based artist Maggie Russell and the oh-so-talented Funlola Coker.
  • an out-take of the photo-booth I had set up for The Late Bloomer show.
  • a piece of Late Bloomer art as well as several abstract pieces that have not seen the world until today.

And tucked away, in the middle of it all, my family's holiday card for 2015.

It says "happy holidays" in beautiful rose gold script but really it should say, "happy everything. I'm so grateful for this crazy life."

I stuck it in the middle of all the art and inspiration as a reminder that life without those two guys in the picture with me isn't imaginable.

As I've said before, I was creative before I met my husband but I didn't become "a creative" with a blog until I started dating my husband. I made art before my son was born but I didn't become an artist until he came along

It's a holiday card - yes.
It was something that I was proud to send to friends and family scattered all over the country. It was something they most likely stuck on their fridge or have saved in some box that their kids will rifle through on a rainy day.

But it's more than a holiday card too.
It's a snapshot of my small family and our first thanksgiving as three.
It's the image I will measure all holiday cards against for the rest of my lifetime, perhaps.
And it's a reminder to be thankful for what I have, day after day after day.

As a part of The Hello Sessions, Minted offered the attendees a special offer for their holiday cards if they would write about their experience. I was wonderfully impressed with their service and product and would say so even if they weren't offering me a great deal.

p.s. I sent these as "Happy New Year!" cards because I was late getting them into the mail. Feel free to use that trick too if it seems too hard to make it to the post office before Christmas.