As Seen In : The 18th Annual Winter Dreams Tour

A couple months ago, a woman reached out to me on Instagram.

"I love your style. Would you be willing to paint a series of florals for my daughter's room? We are going to be one of the houses on the Winter Dreams Tour and I would love to promote your work."

For those of you who don't run a creative business, I'm not exaggerating to say this is something akin to an angel coming up and giving you a high five. I couldn't type an excited, "yes!" fast enough.

She showed me her vision and color boards, sent me reference photos of my own pieces she liked, and explained how/where she was hoping to frame them. 

As I had never had work commissioned prior to the this, I was hesitant.
"What if she hates it? I'm sure this will ruin her house if I make even the tiniest mistake. Are these colors right? Oh crap- I painted that one horizontal instead of vertical."
It was definitely a funny / bad day to be in my head. ✨ 

I am happy to say this series turned out beautifully.  After finishing them we had a conversation about how I've gotten into the habit of matting my pieces non-traditionally (with the art above the mat, instead of under).  The simple gold frame is perfection and pulls the four pieces together wonderfully.

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