Note to Self : Accountability Matters

Last year at this time

my friend MJ was hosting a 100-day challenge called The Finders. It was a sort of accountability group of fellow creative women where the members supported one another in their first 100 days of creative pursuits of 2016. 

I knew I wanted to participate, if for no other reason, than to support this wonderful idea she had. But I was stuck.  

What did I want to do fiercely enough that I would commit 100 days to it? 

As 2015 wound down, I was not convinced to follow anything except maybe, "my goal is to see how many bottles of wine I can consume in 2016." That, my friends, is not a particularly healthy goal. 

It was only when I truly opened up and admitted that I had been wanting to pursuing art that I committed to my 100 days: 

I decided that my time

spent in The Finders would be focused on becoming a student of art. Not "become a working artist". Not "have an art exhibit". Not "sale art". Not even "paint more". Just "become a student". 

And with that, the personal commitment, the public accountability, and the ability to do something that is so natural to me (i.e. learn more) I was able to complete all of those and lots of other goals that my insecure heart would have never dared to whispered aloud. 

While I'm still mulling over my final decision for 2017's 100 days I want to encourage you to do it. Everything MJ does is based on her worldview that there needs to be more kindness in the world so while this is accountability it doesn't have the harsh feel of it. Think of it as a wonderfully creative support group. And come on it. 

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