As Seen On : The Collective Care Series

A few weeks ago Christy Tending asked me to participate in her Collective Care series about women who are changing the world while practicing self-care. The irony is that Christy and I had met while in Portland in 2015 when I was in the middle of what I later realized was a pretty dark fight with depression and anxiety with a bit of workaholism thrown in the mix.

To be sure: when she and I met I was not practicing self-care (working from 8pm-1am, then feeding a hungry baby, before waking up at 5am to start the day). Thankfully, I've learned from that time and can confidently say that my life, and that of those around me, is much more pleasant because of it.

If you'd like to read some of the details of how I make it happen please check out my interview on her site: 

Collective Care with Christy Tending