Note to Self : Knowing When to Quit

Recently someone I follow on social media (specifically @meigsotoole) wrote the following caption on her post.

A few things I find difficult about learning watercolor: knowing/not knowing when theres enough water (paper buckles if there's too much and one drop of water can make all the difference both bad and good), knowing when to quit, and generally being impatient doesn't help. It's a humbling experience.

To which I replied:

"Knowing when to quit" is my biggest issue with life in general. This is lovely though. 💚

And it's true. 

When does one decide to work through the night, knowing that there are deadlines looming? When does one shut off the screen knowing that there are lonely humans inside one's home?  When does one decide to quit holding their son's hands knowing that, to learn to walk he must do it by himself even at the risk of falling?

 I've recently come to realize that with all the starting and newness that naturally comes at the beginning of the year, I need to be cognizant of the things I need to stop. 

  • When "checking" social media becomes a black hole of a time waster?  I've got to know when to quit.
  • When comparing my work to that of other artists?  I've got to know when to quit.
  • When getting so caught up in planning and scheduling and not actual doing? I've got to know when to quit.  

I'd love to hear about where and when you're learning what to quit. Find me on Instagram and let's chat. 


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