Business of Art : Why I Blog

Over on my LinkedIn profile, I describe myself as a storyteller. 

I blame it on my dad.
He's the person I remember every holiday, every church get-together, every family reunion sitting around a table drinking a glass of sweet tea and telling his stories.

Stories about he and his three younger brothers moved from East Texas to Portland and the scary old man who lived across the street who they charmed with their southern accents. Stories about how he played high school football defense {on the practice team} against Earl Campbell (who would go on to win the Heisman Trophy in 1977). Stories about how when he first met my maternal grandfather, the older man was sitting on the front porch cleaning his gun. Stories about how, in the absence of my mom and grandmother, he and my grandfather took me to vaccinate cows when I was a toddler and the ridiculous amount of cow manure that ended up all over my tiny blonde toddler body.

As I grew up, I began "starring in" stories that I remembered living through.
Very slowly, I realized that these weren't epic tales of grand adventure. Instead they were everyday happenings that had some sort of sweet or silly ending. He would take an event that happened over two weeks and condense it down to its essence in a 20 minute dialogue that would keep the listeners listening... even if they, like my mother and soon, my brother and I, had heard the story multiple times before.

It's through his stories that I know my dad.

And that's why I blog: to share my stories. Because I think knowing people's' stories is the first step to knowing and through knowing someone. 


Paige Meredith Ray is a storyteller who grew up on a small cattle farm in southern Arkansas, 30 miles away from the Texas state line. She enjoys the occasional glass of sweet tea, but none of that syrup stuff that could mascarade as cough medicine.