Note to Self: Parameters are your Happy Place

Today I am going to paint one flower. Not the entire garden.

Giving myself creative parameters ALWAYS work.

Whether that's a semi-condensed time line or a focused subject matter (plants) or, more often than not, a super-focused subject matter (edible plants that are in season in Arkansas in the month of June).

I actually do that.

Lately I've taken the Edible Ozarkansas magazine in the picture above, flipped to the page where it shows the in-season fruits/ vegetables, and see what catches my eye in the June list.

Since I'm currently working to build my portfolio, I've come to view this as an "assignment"; it's as if the editor of the magazine is saying, "We need artwork on carrots! Make it happen!!" This added sense of purpose makes sure that I'm not wasting my studio time. 

One of these days, I may have actual deadlines and content matter that prescribed via an outside source. But until then, imposing my own limitations is helping me grow.