Inspiration: The Art museum down the road

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art is a 8 minute drive from my front door. Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Norman Rockwell, and Mary Cassatt all live 8 minutes from my front door.

As a young girl who grew up in a hay field in rural Arkansas, this amazes me. When I was young, I distinctly remember realizing that all the "cool" stuff happened in big cities... not in towns with cow pastures. As I got older, I was convinced I had to leave. 

And I did.

And then I came back.

But I got lucky, and "came back" to Northwest Arkansas a place that, as I was getting married, opened a world class art museum a ten minute drive from my front door.

These are a few of the more contemporary pieces that I love at Crystal Bridges.

Learn more here.

Lunar rendezvous - Circle of Floweres
Photo Jun 13, 3 53 24 PM.jpg