Business of Art : The Value of Relationship

When I got the thumbs down from West Elm LOCAL Oklahoma City my fiends were disappointed for me. (Which makes me feel even more loved. Being happy for good things is easy. Being disappointed by bad takes real empathy.)

"Why," they asked, "did they not check your website before they invited you to make the three and a half hour drive?!" 


In my mind hough, it was okay. Which is what I explained when a fellow artist asked me about my experience.

Below is some of our conversation.

"I DID go in the store. They had set up 10 minute interview spots so it was like speed dating for artists. Eek!!

As a fellow introvert, I totally get it. But I highly highly highly recommend that you do it. The chance to make a personal connection "oh yeah! She's the girl that came in with the blue dress- I love her work!!" is invaluable.

Even though I technically got "rejected" yesterday, they were totally open to inviting me back for one day events in the future. Stuff like that doesn't happen over email."

That conversation, memory, interaction, and shared experience of boy moms talking about social media nd their sons- that's what made that 7 hours of driving valuable. 

I'm constantly working on eveloping more relationships. Not in a skeezy way. But with the knowledge that coffee today may lead to a commission or a heads up or a better way to mail things in three years.

Relationships are always worth your time.