Note to Self: Enthusiasm is a Gift to the World

Sam was hesitant. It was his second trip to the splash park and he didn't quite know what to think, let alone what to do.  


It wasn't until a little girl who was about 6 months older than him arrived squealing with excitement that he started having fun. It was her high pitched screams and joyful dancing and running and overall effervescence that convinced Sam that this was something he needed to be a part of.  

We live in a society where it's more revered to be "cool" . We forget that "cool" doesn't equate to "awesome"; it means "detached", "unaffected", "the opposite of child-like enthusiasm".

And it reminds me that the goofy excitement that I get about my art, or Art Feeds, or strong women, or friends who do amazing things (ex: 1, 2, 3) is a good thing. That excitement is a true part of who I am, which makes it valuable. But it also has the benefit of possibly helping someone else find their joy. That is also a very good and valuable thing. 

My challenge to you, and to myself, is to drop being cool and be enthusiastic instead.