As Seen At : Art Around Town - Shindig Paperie in Bentonville, Arkansas

This past weekend

I was honored to set up a pop-up art shop in the Downtown Bentonville location of Shindig Paperie.   

As as I explained on social media , every year at this time our community EXPLODES with craft fairs. Art, handmade objects, and all the other fun things (ie. food) that come along with craft fairs. My friend Jaquita Ball got quite a few artists together at retail locations in Downtown Bentonville to do the same- meet people & make art.

I realize as I left my house Friday morning that the nerves I get before any event where there. However, they weren't screaming at me. Generally before something in public my inner voice screams at me. "Abort! Abort!! This is NOT a good idea and you will most likely die from mortification if you go through with it."


that has yet to be the case. And it was a great event. 

Here's to ignoring that scared inner voice  

And now

Here are some shots I grabbed during the event.  



Paige Meredith is an artist and watercolor illustrator in Northwest Arkansas (Is that "the midwest" or "the south"? no one knows).

She's been in love with Shindig's contemporary but feminine aesthetic since it opened a few short years ago.