Business of Art: Make Your Job Easier

You know that annoying interview question:

"What's your greatest weakness?" 

The question that you're supposed to answer honestly but put a positive spin on:

  • I'm an absolute workaholic. (i.e. I have a great work ethic.)
  • I have a hard time saying "no". (i.e. I have a great work ethic.)
  • I don't get enough sleep. (i.e. I have a great work ethic.)
Hand painted business cards are not a great example of business efficiency. But they're fun regardless.  

Hand painted business cards are not a great example of business efficiency. But they're fun regardless.  

Or my actual answer:

  • I have a one track mind.

This is great because:

yep, you guessed it, allows my bright and shiny work ethic to be front and center. Unless, it's not. 

Here's the thing: I am a creative person whose background in marketing and research makes me thrive on making and learning and experimenting. And, considering that I'm trying to make a go of it by selling my art, these are great things. But the downside is that I often get so focussed on the things that I enjoy that I ignore the things I don't, often to my own detriment.

Why figure out accounting when there are paintings to create?

Why pay bills when there is an entire Icelandic Art Museum to explore at my fingertips?

Why answer emails when I can learn more about how the new Instagram algorithm affects me?

It quickly becomes apparent that my one track mind is an actual weakness... not just spin.

My solution...

Well it's still in the works. But one thing that I've changed is that I've made it easier on myself by consolidating as much as possible.

Back in August I put auto-responders on two of the email accounts I was only occasionally using. It went something like, "Hey! I'm about to shut down this account. If you need me please email hello (AT)" I kept it up for about a month and then shut down both of those accounts. 

Yep. Since then I've had it bounce back on people who for some reason didn't get the notice but they found me on Facebook and we made things happen regardless.

I'm in the process of doing something similar with the podcast. Up until this point it has lived on it's own website but, shortly, it will live here.

Speaking of the podcast...

 Where did it go? Where is it going?

I've had people ask and I love that it made such a connection. If you haven't read about how Hear Motherhood was a postpartum life vest /coping mechanism for me check that out here. 

As for the future? It's unclear. But until then: Check out the current 20 episodes here.

Thanks for being patient with me during the consolidation process.  


Paige Meredith Ray is an artist, a mom, and a blogger in Norhwest Arkansas.  She has dreams of becoming the next Lisa Frank (wait was Lisa Frank a real person?) but until then will continue to hand paint her business cards as pictured above.