Note to Self : Love, My Word for 2017

The past few years

I've chosen a word to guide my year.

Focus. Growth. Fearless. Abundance. 
All attributes that I wanted to embrace in the year ahead. 

This year nothing was coming to me. 
And I wasn't looking forward to 2017. The divisiveness and anger and lack of community of this past year has bruised my heart a bit and has left my inner introvert wanting to take my family and close friends and hide away a bit.

Effective? Probably not.

That's why, when I saw this limited edition print of Lisa Congdon, I immediately knew I had to have it.


You see, my family plays a lot of cards.

A game {or 12} of Spades has been the way we've passed many many hours of hot sticky humid evenings in East Texas or crisp cold afternoons after a winter holiday in Southern Arkansas.
Playing cards is a place for bantering smack talk, friendly strategy, and a chance to listen to your dad's stories... again. It's a place to learn from people who have been doing life for a lot longer than you and a way show your uncle that you know what you're doing. It is, at the end of the day, a game with no lasting consequences other than drawing you closer to people.


The point of a card game is love. 

So that's what I'm doing in 2017: Focusing on love.

Learning and doing and playing and reading with my son. Spending purposeful time with my husband. Having conversations with people I don't agree with. Making a point to hang out with my friends who I do agree with. Giving myself the space and time and grace I would give to others, thereby loving myself.

The point of this life game is love.

Side note: I took away my model's pacifier. He checked out the awesome art he was being asked to hold and then he decided to run away.


ps. Another way I'm showing love this year? Buying art from some of my favorite artists. I will be showing it here as it makes it way to my home in the Ozarks.