On the Needles : Stepping Stones Socks + A self-challenge

Once upon a time I was a new baby knitter. I had just married, had no clue what my career direction was going to be in life and was trying to settle down into a new town. When I realized there was a wonderful yarn shop {Mockingbird Moon} a door down from where I would occasionally grab a coffee I finally got the courage to go in and immediately fell in love.

Puppy love.
Love that makes you do stupid stupid things like knit with baby alpaca fingering weight yarn when your only previous knitting experience came from the extra bulky skein you got at the big box store. {For non knitters - starting with fingering weight yarn is the equivalent of a teenager immediately deciding to race in the INdy 500 as soon as they get their driver's license,).

However, I persisted and got pretty good. For the first six months I was making hats (easy), experimenting with colorwork (not so much) and even tried my hand at lace (not so much-er). And then summmer came and, like Sandy and Danny I realized I was merely in the throws of a fling. Only the opposite season {because knitting in hot humid arkansas weather is...ugh.}

It was during this first fling though that I bought the book "The Knitter's Book of Socks" by Clara Parkes. I've since learned that Ms. Parkes is kind of a huge deal in the knitting world but at the time I was simply enamored by the cover and the thought that one who knits should probably learn how to knit socks at some point.

Long story short: I knit this pattern in a totally different multicolor crazy yarn. There were precious and then they accidentally got put in the dryer and I spent way to much time making myself feel ridiculously guilty.. I then put away the sock book because obviously I was not a responsible enough adult to handle the making and not shringking of socks.

Photo Nov 16, 12 01 30 PM.jpg

Fast forward four years later and the beautiful book called out to me again. Again I found myself in Mockingbord Moon with beautiful fingering weight yarn {deatails below} and tiny little needles and a desire to give it another try. 

And try I did. I don't remember the exact details but I vaguely recal that I had a one-osh year old who put evrything in his mouth. And then down somewhere... with not particular rhyme or reason behind the somewhere.

I am a somewhat grown up adult and have a habit of doing this annoying pick up/ put down/ no rhyme / reason ting myslef so I understood it. but it turns out that when our powers combined I went a bit crazy. I finished one sock and I misplaced a second of five needles (one generally needs five needles to knit socks} and I gave up.

For a year, the one sock and one cuff languished in the dungeon that I refer to as my craft closet because I didn't have the desire to go buy another set of tiny needles only to be annoyed again.

Until I did.

Two year olds are slightly better at understanding the "mine" vs "yours" component of ownership and the yarn was just so pretty. 

The best part is the process that had taken me weeks of frustration for the first sock took only a few days. I actually started working on them on a Sunday evening that Ryan went off on a work trip and was done by the time we were both on the Oregon coast less than a week later.

And as I carried and read this sock book with my across the United States I realized I really wanted to knit my way through this book. Socks are portable. They're a small project but each are challenging in it's own way. Through this book I will be able to practive cables and lace and increases and decreases and reading patterns and charts and figuring out the mystoery of actually making something that needs to fit onto a human body part.

I realized that socks will make me a better knitter and that is my goal.
Plus they are ridiculously cute.

Photo Nov 16, 11 52 21 AM.jpg
  • Yarn: Hedgehog Fibres {I dare you not to go to this site and not buy all the things}
  • Color: Fool's Gold
  • Pattern : Stepping Stones
  • Source: Knitter's Book of Socks, Clara Parkes
Photo Nov 16, 11 51 25 AM.jpg

This is pair one. I have finished but not photographed pair two. And apir three (mentioned in this previous post} is currently a solo sock with my goal to finish them by thanksgiving... which is officially seven days away from my writing of this post. {Oh, and I'm recovering from eye surgery. Remember the Indy 500 example above?What do I get myself in to?} 

That may or may not happen. 

But when I does, I will let you know.