In Praise of : Learning

I am a nerd.

Ever since the teacher suggested that I ski the first grade after getting through kindergarten I have always been a nerd.

I have been on the front page of my tiny hometown newspaper holding up ribbons and certificates and quiz bowl...thingamajigs {I'm pretty sure no one refers to them as "trophies}.

I was voted "Biggest Bookworm" my senior year {as well as "most likely to to Ag Class four periods a day" but THAT is a different post} and because it was literally the ONLY chance I had to dress cute and act like I was a cool kid it was a superlative I held onto with pride.

And now I'm 33. 

I would say a good 33 A young 33. A 33 year old who started to come of age during the great recession so I have more post- bachelor's degree college credits {and corresponding student loans} than should be allowed.

All that being the case I still love learning. Nothing satisfies me more than diving into a new book or an old project and figure out the puzzle that it presents

It's with all of this and {this past post} in mind that I'm jumping into a correspondence courses for The Knitter's Guild Association.

knitters guild association correspondence classes

I've started with a course called "Basics Basics Basics".  In the first lessons of three lessons it covers:

  • increases
  • decreases 
  • tension
  • gauge + swatching

As a person who considers herself a "confident beginner" level knitter, I should be familiar with most of these... but I'm not. I am a notoriously tight knitter {that falls under "tension"}. This can make garments tighter and potentially too small.  The "too smaller thing" falls under gauge and the way one is suppose to test gauge is through making a swatch, a small test sample of whatever it is that one is knitting. But.... I've never been that patient. {Because who has time to swatch when there's a new project in the near future?!?}

So I'm generally anti-swatch but I'm taking a class who has assignments that ask me to make 20+ swatches... and I am pumped.

The reason is simple: I am learning the "why".
I'm the person who will follow directions with a project all day, but knowing the "why" of the directions allows me to alter and change and even, eventually, design my own projects. Knowing the "why" blurs the lines between it being a craft and an art. Knowing the rules allows one to break them... and make art

Last night I was sitting at a wonderful fundraising event in a beautiful dress with enjoyable company for a great cause... and all I could think was, "I wish I were at home so I could read over that first lesson one more time."

As I sit here typing this I just finished hole punching and page protecting and labelling and writing the start of margin notes in the quiet of my house on a dreary cold November day. I am not a dreary cold November day girl, but I could not be any happier.

I am learning.