inspiration : Hike it Baby, Northwest Arkansas

These are my hiking boots.

Well, truthfully, they are also my going to get grocery boots and my backyard toddler football boots and my, "Seriously, why is it this cold in Arkansas boots?!?!"

But I digress.

hiking trails in bella vista arkansas

Every time I travel somewhere beautiful and outdoors, Ryan and I always make it a priority to take some sort of hike. The nature! The scenery! The fresh air!

But when we come home, to a place known as "The Natural State" where trails and scenerya dnd fresh air abound we very very rarely hike. Which is why I was so excited when my friend Julianne was selected as a Trailblazer for the 10k Women Trail Project.

You can read more about it on her post but the jist is using her love for the outdoors and her social media skills to get more women {and their kids!} out onto the trails.

blowing springs creek

The most exciting things about the first hike I went on with these ladies?

They were normal human beings! I cannot overemphasize this enough.
The truth is that hiking {and hikers} generally intimidate me. The clothes, the gear, the special hiker food, the ability to read a map... All things of which I do not excel or own. But to support Julianne on that first hike I went anyway. I wore leggings and a backpack I got on sale at Target and drank a latte from McDonald's as I walked up to the group. While some ladies carried legit hiking sticks and some had a good water bottle {note to self} everyone was normal amd didn't look down on me in disgust as me and my overall-ed toddler set out on the trail with them.

hike it baby rei
bella vista arkansas trails
Tanyard creek northwest arkansas hiking trail family friendly
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Want to get involved?
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