On the Needles : Darjeeling Socks and an Oversized Sweater

I have had this mental image: 

She who knits her own clothing is... a lady of a certain age.
Or dresses similarly to Laura Ingalls Wilder while in her Little House on the Prairie period.
Or... gosh... insert a thousand other negative, short-sided and, truthfully, not very nice assumptions here.

And I was wrong..

Below I am wearing an outfit that I styled and I knitted two pieces of: The sweater and the socks. And I don't feel the least bit like Laura on the Prairie. I feel feminine and modern and stylish and.... like me. The woman who wears tutu skirts and hair bows and hiking boots. The lady with the platinum pixie cut and the bold red lips and mixmatched earrings. 

oversized sweater chunky yarn eat me blog

I included this second image because the sweater is far from perfect,.  It was a pattern suggested by Anne Weil of Flax and Twine {who has an amazing book on arm knitting and a beautiful blog}. In fact, this sweater, originally from the Eat Me Blog is a free pattern that was my first attempt at knitting a sweater.

The pattern, being free, is...
What's the saying? You get what you pay for, right?

It's a good start of a sweater pattern but the author leaves lots of details out especially for the beginner level that she claims that this is.

For example she says, "Stitch the pieces together."
To which I ask: "How exactly DOES one stitch sweater pieces together?"
"Will I have enough yarn to do said stitching?
"What kind of... what is it called... connection stitch thing  does one do for stitches?"

Insert multiple {LOTS} of other questions here. But the truth is, it worked out.

it's far from cute but it makes a perfectly cute outfit.

Photo Nov 17, 1 53 50 PM.jpg

And the socks:

I started them on vacation on the Oregon coast (if you're in Cannon Beach you MUST make a trip to Coastal Yarns} They started with a new -to-me, super tricky cast-on. I LITERALLY started and re-started these socks seven times but I'm super happy with how they turned out. And they're the second in my personal Stepping Stones Challenge. 

darjeeling socks stepping stones socks for knitters



If you're celebrating Thanksgiving today - I hope you are enjoying friends or family or food. In whatever order you prefer. And if you're not - happy Thursday - may you have lots of interupted creative time.