The Imposter’s Society : Art Journaling Workshop

Once upon a time I painted 32 paintings in 32 days for my 32nd birthday. ✨ 


At the time I was the mom of an almost one year old. I didn’t call myself an artist because I didn’t make art. I mean, I had blogged before Sam was born and then I plunged myself into making a podcast after Sam was born in a weird “let’s fight post-partum depression/ anxiety by distracting myself” kind of thing, but putting things on the Internet didn’t count as making art. {Imposter Syndrome at its finest folks.}✨ 

And you don’t have to relate to any of the above to understand the near-ache that I had to make something physical. The slight drag of a brush across a canvas, the squish of paint under my fingertips, the {admittedly elementary school level} pride of accomplishment that happened when I could show someone a canvas and say, “Look!! See!! I made a thing!!” ✨ 

So I made 34 things. 4x4. They weren’t terribly complicated. Some weren’t even too good in a technical sense. 

But, in the way that matters, they were magical. These 34 tiny canvases helped me, for the first time in my life, acknowledge that I wanted to make art. That I wanted to pursue being an artist. To say that realization was life altering would be an understatement. ✨

Today, I’m opening up an art journaling workshop and I’m truly excited about it. I’m calling it “the Imposter’s Society” after that always present Imposter’s Syndrome I mentioned earlier. 

And its core, this workshop will help you break through the lies that inner voice is telling you about not being creative enough. It will, if you decide to go on the full six week journey with me, give you the instant gratification of making physical and tactile art. But most importantly, journaling can help you break through those ridiculous mental and emotional barriers that throw themselves in front of anyone trying to pursue a more creative life. ✨

I’d like you to read more about this hybrid online and in-person art making meet-up in this link. And, if you or a friend are truly interested, message me for a 50% off code that will be good until the balls drops on 2019.

I’d love to see what creative goals you achieve in 2019. Thank you for being on this journey with me.