On The Needles: Hickory Socks

Happy Friday friends!

I'm still happily working away on my personal Knitter Book of Socks challenge {My goal is to knit ALL the socks in Clara Parkes' book of the same name }. Check out the  #kboschallenge hashtag on Instagram to see everything I've made so far.


These are the hickory socks designed by Jane Cochran and knitted with yarn dyed by Loralee at my LYS Mockingbird Moon. These lovelies are basically ribbing that is stacked wonky-ily {but not unprettily} making the sock look like the bark of a tree when it's worn. Ribbing = tightness, so these are knitted hugs for feet.


They made their way to my favorite social worker in Texas last week {Ie. my sophomore roommate and one of my life long soulmate people}. If anyone deserves a foot hug it's her.

Technically, these socks were a lot more fun than I thought they would be. In part this is because it was the first that I used the chart exclusively.

I've realized a big benefit to this class is that it's forced me {in a nice, gentle, and kind way} to read charts. Charts are pictorial abbreviations yes; they allow a person to knit without worrying that they've missed a line in the directions. {Because that's never fun.} But they are also an a sort of picture of what the finished product looks like. And that's lovely isn't it? To know that what you're doing as you're doing it. A visual pat on the back of reassurance.

At least that's what it is to my "always question all the things" self. I wonder if that's just me...

Regardess : Here's hoping your upcoming weekend brings signs of Spring or hope or hugs. Or all three.