My Journey: Conversation and Connection

Conversation and connection.

That’s why I will never be able to stop social media.

I was thinking about this when I finished up my last blog post. How sharing one photo on my Instagram stories had led to a really valuable conversation with an art friend who lives on the eastern seaboard. That conversation was good for both of us and helped solidify some things that had been rolling around in my head for a while.

That sharing, feedback, opinion sharing cycle is invaluable for me. The older Sam gets the more I realize how much the baby years took me away from the community that a creative person needs to truly grow.



That being the case: I’m taking a social media break for the month of August.


It’s become a crutch - the thing I do when I need to take a break from life. “Just for a minute to check,” and twenty minutes later im still sitting in the parking lot of my son’s school, having nothing to show for the first thirty minutes of my free time for the day except the 46 hearts that I’ve given to other people.


That being the case, this social media fast isn’t about increasing productivity. If that happens it will be a nice side effect, but no, this is much more about reconnecting with my own self.


I’ve shared that I often get stuck in a comparison cycle. And for all the inspiration that social media brings me into contact with it also makes my Critic : Censor brain yell. “You aren’t good like she is. Why do you even try? You couldn’t even draw that leaf yesterday. And this lady has drawn an entire landscape. What is wrong with you?!?”


So I’m stepping away.  


I say I’m wanting conversation and connection so I’ll be finding that more in real life. I’m starting a bi-weekly date night with my husband and I’m ridiculously excited about it.  I’m re-reading Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way” and have a desire to lead a group of creatives through the process. I’ll be writing more here {my notes app is getting full with the first two sentences of blog posts}.


And I’m going to keep writing my weekly-ish email. I recently restarted my email newsletter after 6+ months away and it’s been such a fun process for me. Hearing back from my people is the absolute best. You’re welcome to join here.


I’m excited to see where this break takes me and what I learn {growing pains and all} because of it. Cheers friends. 


Ps. Starting off this break at a beach house in south Alabama was the most wonderful way to get my creative juices flowing.