Inspiration Trail : South Lake Atalanta

“Let’s stop Mom,” was the demand I pretended was a request as we neared the southern trails of Lake Atalanta.

He thought it was a playground but I explained we were at a walking park. After a few minutes of walking the paved park trails we found our way to the trails I think of as the “mountain bike trails”. But they’re not. They’re trails. For everyone. 

And though my brain knows this {the same brain that has read the trail signs that say, “Bikers should yield to hikers,”}, I forget. I think, “I’m not a hiker. I’m a mom in a dress and flats. I’m not sure that counts. This really isn’t my place.” 


 But it is my place. The leaves over my head and the smell of dirt in my nose something a little bit mysterious in front of me on a trail and I’m in the same curious and utterly free headspace I’ve inhabited since I was young. 


This is my reminder to self that both of us, my son and I, need that smell in our noses and that mud on our shoes as often as possible.