Inspired by : Katherine Kellgren

If you’ve known me longer than 15 minutes you’ve probably heard me praise audible and how audiobooks allowed me to become a reader again after being “too busy” for too long.


However, it was just this week that I realized that now I’m a true audiophile because it’s an art form in itself. The Royal Spyness series is my best example of this. A little British murder mystery, a little Royal Family fun, a splash of history between the two greats wars : this series will never land in the tomes of great literature but they are perfect fun.

I was {excuse me while I count} ten books into the series when I found out the narrator had died of cancer. This past week I listened to her narrate the eleventh book and cried when I realized that these characters that I have come to love will never sound the same again. The slightly prissy main character, her scandalous best friend, the dark and handsome Irish rogue... all voiced by the same person, all with totally different accents and manners of speech. {I am only slightly ashamed to admit I was/ am partially in love with her Irishman Darcy.}

Voice acting: this wonderful soul Katherine Kellgren had whatever “it” is that makes a successful voice actress. And I mourn the fact that this earth no longer has her beautiful talent. 

Learn more about Katherine Kellgren here and the Royal Spyness series here.