Note to self: Let’s stop apologizing for writing “novels”

You’ve done it.

I have too. 

We spill our heart or mind or emotions via the tiptap of our thumbs on the tiny computer we carry in our back pocket or throw in our purse.


We open up in a way that seems too intense to do in person. We talk about how the relationship has changed and how we are a better person for it. We talk about the pain that comes from having to be strong. We talk about the anger, the hot burning volcano that we’ve pushed down a thousand times but can’t seem to swallow one more time.

We tell the truth. Via text or email or instant message. We tell the truth that needs to be free.

And then we apologize.

”Sorry for the novel,” we say.

Let’s stop: There is absolutely no reason to apologize for telling the truth. There is absolutely nothing wrong with opening ourselves up in a society that tells us to push it down and act like we have ourselves together.