The Story Behind the Work : Alt Plus

This is the series of three paintings I call Alt Plus. Read on to find out why.

The summer of 2013 was a good one. 

I was newly married, was working at an internship that I loved, and was headed to New York City for a week. The occasion, officially, was a conference that was going to help me brush up on my social media skills. But if you had asked me to reveal my deepest darkest secrets (of which I have few) I would have admitted that I will never pass up an opportunity to explore New York.

The icing on the cake? Getting to meet ladies, that until this time, I had only ever known in person. MJ, Emily, Ellen. I knew them by their twitter handles and their photography skills, their beautiful blogs and their ability to make me laugh at my screen at midnight.

When we all got together, in person, in our tiny little hotel room on the lower west side I realized that these were my people. Yes, we were all in much different spaces of our lives. Emily pursuing her art. Ellen becoming the DIY queen. MJ juggling her full time job and blog and beautiful family. Me the only one without a child and still searching for my place.

So yes- different- but oh so alike. We loved meeting others but the quiet of the screen would almost always be much more comfortable. We liked making pretty things but we all knew the scene behind the camera was often less than spectacular. We laughed loudly and shared easily in those first few days of "really" knowing one another.

As I left the city I had no clue that these new friendships would cement into something real and important and long-lasting. 

But I'm so glad they did.


The current "Story Behind the Work" series describes the people, places, and experiences that have influenced the pieces in my first art show - Local Color

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