The Story Behind the Work : Casa de Chestnut

The year before I got married I lived with three of some of the best people I will ever know: Robyn, Jennifer (affectionately known as JenJen, JenBunny, Jeb, and a plethora of other nicknames), and my little brother Cody.

Our tale isn't terribly unique. But for us, it was special.

All kids approaching our late 20's, we were the lovable outcasts in a town where it was expected that one marry and settle down shortly after college, if not high school.

We would argue about everything from politics to what we were having for dinner.

A Sunday spent making the 8 hour round trip drive so that we could get our Ikea fix? Not a big deal.

Give us a late night studying and a Nikki Minaj song and the four of us will still get excited about "that boom-ba-doom-boom-boom-ba-doom-boom-bass".

As an introvert, it's a rare occasion that I miss a group of people. As a rule, one-on-one is my happy place with relationships of all sorts. But I still look back on that small chunk of time where we would all conced that we were better when we were all together.


The current "Story Behind the Work" series describes the people, places, and experiences that have influenced the pieces in my first art show - Local Color

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