The Story Behind the Work : Engineers are Rad-ish & Carrot Pi

On one of my first dates with my husband we made homemade shrimp diablo from scratch. 

This was my favorite meal from a family run restaurant a couple states away and when he said, "I can cook anything," I thought I would test him out.

I had no clue that "from scratch" meant that we would be making our own pasta. Up until that point, "homemade" pasta simply meant dried pasta from a box instead of spaghetti-o's from a can. "Of course we can make pasta!" said my new engineer boyfriend. "It's easy!"

As we made the pasta dough and put it through the KitchenAid mixer and ate the delicious pasta with the spicy tomato sauce with shrimp I realized that time spent in the kitchen didn't have to equate to hard labor.

It could mean learning about food and one another. It could look like experimenting and dealing with easy fix (i.e. pizza delivery) failures.

Five years on I've realized that cooking with my husband often looks like falling in love over and over again.


The current "Story Behind the Work" series describes the people, places, and experiences that have influenced the pieces in my first art show - Local Color

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