The Story Behind the Work : Glenda

This is Glenda.

I was probably twelve or so when I distinctly remember hurting my mom's feelings regarding one of her favorite past-times: The beautification of our front yard.

It was a muggy early summer night and beneath the din of the frogs singing from the pond behind our house, she had been trying to teach me the difference in a perennial that comes back year after year, and an annual that only lives for one year.

We must have also have also recently had a discussion about budgeting because I remember quipping, "Why buy annuals then if they're just going to die? If you have to buy them every year doesn't that get expensive?"

I remember her looking at me with a startling clarity.

"Because..." she struggled to answer.

Who was this blonde haired almost teenager who had taken away her sweet little girl? When had she been able to begin asking questions that stung?

"Because," she answered after a while, "they are pretty."

She continued her process of digging new holes and transplanting the technicolor annuals. And that day she taught me that there is value in "pretty". That it's okay to pursue something just because it's beautiful and because it makes you smile.


The current "Story Behind the Work" series describes the people, places, and experiences that have influenced the pieces in my first art show - Local Color

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