In Praise of : My Old Lady Yoga Class

"Legs up the wall is a restorative pose," the yoga teacher says. "While you can't gain back lost sleep..."

"I have a two-year old. Watch me." I mumble under my breath and hear a giggle beside me. 

Photo Sep 27, 4 05 53 PM.jpg

I am in my weekly yoga class. That's a sad admission, isn't it? I go to the gym exactly once a week and it's to my old lady yoga class. Sam gets the chance to "play with his friends". i.e. childcare and I get to stretch my body and relax (a very small bit) of my mind. 

In this class I likely burn no calories.

In this class I am surrounded by women who are 20 years my senior.

In this class I don't sweat.

In this class the only time I get light headed is if I rise out of forward bend with too much enthusiasm.  

In this class it's not about doing better or faster or stronger.

In this class it's not about what the rest of the world seems to constantly pressure me to do.

I adore my Old Lady Yoga class.

I attend yoga at the Bentonville Community Center. You can find their fall schedule and other fitness classes in Northwest Arkansas here