When I turned 32 I announced that I would be painting 32 canvases in 32 days for my 32nd birthday. Even now that this personal challenge is over, just reading that gives me more than a touch of anxiety.

“Why are you making grand goals and proclamations?!?!” I ask myself.  

“Are you not busy enough with your child who will take his first steps any day now? Are there not enough dinners to make? Enough dishes to wash? Enough hours, in which, sleep is a high priority?”

As a work from home mom these were all legitimate concerns about this challenge, however I pursued it.  In part this is because I am infinitely inspired by other “late bloomer” women who started their full time pursuit of their creativity which is, in part, why this is The Late Bloomer Project.

Check out Hear Motherhood Episode 19 where I explain more about the The Late Bloomer Project and other inspiring women who started their “full time” creative ambitions later in life.

The 32 day project started on March 6th, 2016, wrapped up on April 7th, and shown at a reception in Downtown Springdale, Arkansas, April 21st. You can read a short description of the Art Sale and Exhibition here.

When I finished, I sold the pieces with the proceeds going to support Art Feeds Northwest Arkansas. Art Feeds is a small but growing no-profit organization that brings joy and confidence to children through art and creativity. As someone who needs a bit (lots?) of all of these things in my life I think they are the perfect fit for the completion of The Late Bloomer Project.

Check out Hear Motherhood Episode 20 to learn more about the work of Art Feeds.

Thank you so much for your interest in this project.